• Kaspa (KAS) token has gained 76% over the past month.
• Kaspa initiated a new crowdfund aimed at securing a Tier-1 Exchange listing for the KAS token.
• Kaspa (KAS) has recently broken into the top 52 market cap coins, a significant accomplishment that has been met with improved buying power.

Kaspa (KAS) Price Pops

Kaspa (KAS) token has gained an impressive 76% over the past month. Most of this growth happened within the last three days as traders are steadily disposing of their bitcoins for KAS tokens. At press time, the price of KAS had risen by 6%, while Bitcoin (BTC) only recorded 2% growth in 24 hours and 3% losses in one month.

Tier-1 Exchange Listing Campaign

To further support its goal of universal adoption and inclusivity, Kaspa launched a crowdfund campaign to have its token listed on a Tier-1 crypto exchange. The target was $30,000 which was to be paid in both USDT and KAS tokens. This money will be used by the CEX for advertising purposes as well as raising awareness about Kaspa and increasing its trading volume and liquidity.

Breaking into Top 52 Market Cap Coins

Thanks to its impressive performance, even during bear markets, Kaspa managed to break into the elite group of top 52 market cap coins. This brought along increased buying power which could push it even further if it maintains its current trajectory. There is speculation that it might reach an all-time high soon if everything goes according to plan.

Optimistic Outlook

It is quite impressive what this cryptocurrency has achieved despite the current difficulties faced in the crypto industry as a whole. It is very likely that things will continue progressing well for this coin given its strong fundamentals and performance so far.


In conclusion, we can say that Kaspa’s journey so far has been quite remarkable with most of its recent gains being driven by traders who are increasingly disposing off their Bitcoins for it due to its strong fundamentals and potentials for future growth. With ongoing efforts aimed at having it listed on a Tier-1 exchange coupled with increased buying power from breaking into top 52 market cap coins, there is no doubt that this coin will achieve great success going forward if everything continues running smoothly

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